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12:42am 18/04/2013
  Ha! Look at this! I still have an LJ!  
[boo! yay?]   
07:19pm 21/07/2009
  So, being incurably lame, and not expecting to be living in San Diego this summer, I failed to procure my Comic-Con tickets, oh, eleven months ago. But I am now unexpectedly back in SD, and I face the sold-out problem.

So. I would very much like to attend, as I have the last several years, so I am appealing to the audience for a ticket/some way in. (I can volunteer if you like, too!) In return, I can offer a San Diego county free place to sleep (okay, it's 20 miles away, but, that's okay because:) and free chauffeured transportation, in my own privately-owned vehicle! Yes, that's right. Get me in at least one day without me being arrested, and I'll drive you around all you would like. (And, place to sleep.)

If yourself, or a friend/contact of yours, can get me a precious badge (no, I don't care if it has a girl's name on it), I would be delighted.

This will be all.
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02:40pm 02/03/2009
  Okay, whoever you are with the 'Hairdressers for McCain-Palin' bumper sticker. You did make me smile.  
[san diego day]   
10:33am 02/03/2009
  I keep writing and writing, but I can't seem to find anything suitable for posting. Entries describing the place down here, everything I'm doing... blah. Ideas for a comic? Check... except I can't draw. Lots of letters to the kids? Yup.

Anybody up to anything interesting out there?
06:10pm 31/01/2009
  It appears that Char will not be able to bring the kids out here. Yes, I am disappointed. We're working on it.  
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[a world of awesomeness]   
11:22pm 30/01/2009
  News comes down today that Lili and Bubba are coming to Elko next week to stay at the house for a couple days. I mean, really. How fucking /awesome/ is that?  
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[a new day?]   
03:37pm 29/01/2009
  After some ugly conversations yesterday, and some wise counsel from The Big A, I think I'm going to try a new tack, and avoid my previous sarcastic ways. I made a good start when I stopped talking politics with jennyo, and have improved my relationship with A (she's too much a sweetie).

I reserve the right to make fun of unions and the state government of California, but for everything else, we're trying a nice new day. (I was going to include Rod Blago, but I'm starting to actually like that nutbag.
[the undercarriage]   
11:50pm 28/01/2009
  It appears that we have acquired a brace of trailer-cats. This from the old trailer that got hauled away, and our refugees from thereon. They were initially known as the Itteh Bitteh Kitteh Committeh, but since have grown.

As of now, we have Rosie (provenance of name unknown), Biggy-Hugey (formerly Itty-Bitty), and Mighty Battle Cat (blame He-Man). When it gets really cold, Pandora, Mama, and Midnight (all dogs) manage to snuggle in there, too. (They tend to sleep huddled together in the spot directly underneath our wood stove.)

Sometimes I feel like crawling under the skirting and hugging up with them.
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[accessing the collective brain]   
02:21pm 28/01/2009
  Can anyone give me a short primer on how China's economy is touted for its strength in part because of the amazingly high private savings rate (nosing up around 40% in some cases), but when the US takes a downturn, it's lamented that Americans are saving too much and not spending enough to 'stimulate' the economy?

(No, is not a rhetorical question.)
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[she stepped into the alley with a single-shot .410....]   
07:01pm 26/01/2009
  The A Bomb has started thrashing around, singing along to Bon Jovi. Where's Kevorkian when you need him?

Damned if that girl doesn't know how to rock out. You'd think she had her cock out or something.

Oh shit. She does.
[out! out of my brain!]   
12:46pm 26/01/2009
  Perpetually one step behind of the times, but I'm trying my best to get this gas tank dropped out of the truck, and what earworm just won't get out of my head? Jizz in My Pants.


ETA: OMG. "Jizz in My Pants" v "Don't Fall in Love With a Homo (A Song for the Ladies)." Which will overcome?
[meme is just short for me! me! pay attention to me!]   
11:46am 23/01/2009
  From patchwork_grrl:

The first five people to respond to this post will get something made by me. I will make these be about or tailored to those five lucky people.

This offer does have some restrictions and limitations:
- I make no guarantees that you will like what I make!
- What I create will be just for you.
- It'll be done this year
- You have no clue what it's going to be.

And you have to put this offer out on your LJ!

This is all true. I got called out for responding to hers without offering up my own; now, I'm passing it on. I can guarantee that what you will get will be a, unique, b, non-offensive, and c, crafted with my own hands.

Go to, and pass it on.
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09:22am 23/01/2009
  We seem to have hit a warm snap, just in time for me having finished cutting up all the firewood. It rained yesterday, and we've been doing the wet afternoon/icy morning thing (a couple interstaters were killed yesterday morning when the ice sent them careening off of the freeway).

A busy Friday for Dan today. I have to email someone at UCSB re: getting courses here accredited; I'll be at GBC full-time starting Monday. I have to change the fuel filter on A Bomb's truck, then change the oil and oil filter (I'm hoping I don't have to drain and drop the gas tank). Have to put a child support money order in the mail, write some letters to the little ones (now I understand why they were bickering: I got two cards returned to me, making it appear to Lili as though I was only writing to the little guy).

Then, and only then, can I go help Gary with his patent stuff and the moving permits for the other double-wide.
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[never trust someone named dirk]   
12:49pm 21/01/2009
  "Starbuck is dead. Long live Stardoe!"

Oh, Dirk Benedict. As much as I love The A-Team, I love your 'i can has acting job nao?' rants even more. Douchebag.
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[a day ii]   
09:42pm 20/01/2009
  Although, today does bring to mind the question: now that Obama really is in office, and Bush back in Texas, who do Democrats get to blame for the problems of the world? I mean, in the 2006 mid-terms, we were told that the new Democratic Congressional majority would fix everything (and then nothing changed, and the Democratically-controlled Congress continued to be even less popular than Bush). Who do our progressives get to blame now?  
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[a day]   
09:20pm 20/01/2009
  Hmm. I suppose to start, yay Obama. No matter how much I disagree with his politics, it stirs my heart to see a black man elected to the highest office in the land. If slavery was America's Original Sin*, this is a small downpayment on a better future.

In a more prosaic sense, I spent my day being quite frustrated. I went down to the green building in A's truck to haul off some trash to the dump (and by trash, I mean a half dozen sixteen-foot trailer loads of desks, detritus, and junk from the replaced roof). Unfortunately, I neglected to look to see if her truck had a tow package, and had to go purchase a ball hitch--promptly to return it to find one of a smaller shank diameter. Then, to find out that it appeared there was no wiring harness to hook the trailer lights to. Back to CarQuest to pick up a splitter, only to have the old counter-man point out the flat-four wiring I didn't spot under the mud of the truck bed. (The reason every right-thinking person in Elko prefers CarQuest is that instead of hiring minimum-wage kids, they employ crusty old fellows who know what they're talking about, and have no problem informing you exactly as to how you're fucking up whatever you're fixing.)

Got the adapter, but I still need to fabricate and weld on a bracket to hold the seven blade connector. We'll see.

And then, coming home, the rheostat blew out. Bill's going to bring in his diagnostic computer tomorrow morning to double-check before I go buy a new part.

The A Bomb brought home scrimps for me, which tells me that she really does love me. Gary brought me some more deskwork, which is always nice, so I have the fullest of days tomorrow.

* I'm sure there are some Native Americans who would disagree.
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[someone had to say it]   
12:10am 17/01/2009
  In which Ta-Nehisi Coates inadvertently calls out the Boomer generation for being the choads that they are, not realizing just how much venom resides in the populace.

My favorites: The amount of medical resources and research dollars that have gone into making sure aging Boomer males can get, and maintain, erections, and could have gone elsewhere, is enough reason to find the entire navel-gazing group unutterably loathsome.

... ...

When boomers were young, they tended to vote along strictly ideological lines. As they aged, their concerns diversified. But as they head into retirement, they're increasingly united - all of them would like the government to pay for their retirement and health care. And since they failed to set aside adequate savings or to enact the structural reforms that would have the government set aside sufficient funds on their behalf, that means that they're really asking for a massive transfer of wealth from the younger generation to the older one.

... ...

Actually, nevermind. Too much. Too much. And people are going to blame me for fucking up American politics?

... ...

ETA: Well, maybe a little more. Further downthread probably has the less flip replies. Many of us aren't so frustrated with what Boomers did, but that we are somehow still expected to pay obeisance some forty years later, as if nothing has happened in the meantime. Or being expected to fight (and refight... and refight... ) battles that are just. so. vital. to people who were fighting them before we were born. (As if nothing has happened in the meantime.)

I mean, fuck. I'm conciliatory. But you still want me to sob over a pop star who got shot by a crazy dude almost thirty years ago? Some half-dickweed president with Rod Blago hair whose only credentials were that he got shot before his looks faded? Spare. me.
[a night life]   
11:12pm 12/01/2009
  When I use my laptop, it's usually at the kitchen table, which is right by the bedroom and the front door. We never lock the front door, for a series of reasons, from plausible to im: we don't have the key anyway; it's a trailer and so flimsy that the door lock would be easily kicked in; we live miles and miles down a dirt road that only leads to the ranch; I'm the youngest and strongest person out here, so if evildoers do arrive, I want them to meet me first (and last).

But while I'm sitting here, I keep having this daydream that the door will crack open, and running inside will be Lili and Bubba, to give me a surprise hug and visit. They never have come out here since the divorce, even though I go up there; I wish they would. For now, I just sit here and miss my little ones.
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[adventures in footie jammies]   
12:15pm 12/01/2009
  Okay, not really, but I was wearing my footie jammies last night.

The guy from the power company just came by. Nice guy; we were inquiring as to getting some power poles we don't use but do pay for taken off our bill. The problem is, myself and the A Bomb are remarkably frugal, and use negligible power; unfortunately, we live on a ranch with a zillion outbuildings, all connected through years and years of buried/tangled/concealed/forgotten power cords, and everyone /else/ on the ranch leaves their lights and space heaters and appliances running 24/7. (Gary, in an effort to prevent my power-saving ways, actually went out to the shop and snapped off the light switches and epoxied thumb tacks to the power buttons of the appliances, to prevent them being turned off.)

However, our power bill is still high, and we, ahem, have come to resent paying to keep unoccupied buildings warm and lit while we snuggle and frantically cut wood for the stove. Hence, power audit.

What else? I remain irritated that the GBC librarians (librarians!) see fit to chat so loudly on their cell phones and with their friends that I can hear them while I work /on a different floor/. WTF is wrong with people?

I managed to get my bike working again. I was afraid that I'd fried my rings from running it too lean (a 2-stroke engine needs you to pre-mix the oil directly into the gasoline). Turns out, it was just the kick-start being fussy in the cold; I bumped it via tow rope, and it runs like a champ. (Not bad for an '87 that's lived through about ten owners.)

A Bomb, through her knitting group, managed to procure a new washer and dryer for free. A little electrical work on my part, and they run perfectly.

Gary and Mira are in Salt Lake today talking to a patent attorney (I've been doing their patent search... at great savings to them, mind you). Hope it goes well.
[oh god, she's gone native]   
02:47am 08/01/2009
  I know I have only myself to blame for bringing her out here, but it appears that A Bomb has purchased herself a Ford F-250. I guess I do need to install that gun rack in there tomorrow.

(As she says, every girl deserves a good rack.)
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